Corral Parking Agreement & Information

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As discussed, the Parking Department will assist in providing parking to the Corral Ice Rental patrons as follows:

1. Ice rental clients who identify themselves to the gate personnel as "Corral Ice Rental Hockey Players" when either the Park, or Lot One is closed, will be given access.
2. Should Lot 1 be full, Corral Ice Rental clients will be able to drop off equipment and then park across the street in Lots 23/24/25, or in our main lots depending on availability. The Lot attendant will advise the client of parking availability.
3. We will keep a tally of Corral Ice clients utilizing Lot one.
4. Regular Parking Rates will apply.

We request that any changes to the schedule be sent to Jackie's attention so that we are able to assist our clients. The schedule will be posted in the Lot attendant's booth for reference.

We will attempt to provide parking in Lot 1, or an alternate lot based on the availability. As well, weather may impact parking availability.


Gerry McHugh
Parking/Loss Prevention Manager

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